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Prince Ernest was hopelessly in love with the lovely widow, Harriet. Harriet felt the same and threw herself into the German prince’s bed for what she assumed would be an evening of passion.

There was a problem: the prince had syphilis.

To his credit, he was able to gather himself and deter the inflamed, young woman from making a mistake that could haunt her the rest of her life. You can watch the melodrama unfold in this scene from the PBS hit series, “Victoria.”

Now syphilis is treatable

In an era before antibiotics, syphilis was devastating. Today, it can be treated with antibiotics, with this warning from the Center for Disease Control (CDC):

“However, treatment might not undo any damage that the infection has already done.”

Syphillis is widespread, with 88,000 reported cases in 2016. However, the CDC reveals the problem of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) goes far beyond syphillis, as the graphic below reveals. Our country is awash in a STD epidemic.

STD epidemic

Multiple sex partners fuel the STD epidemic

You are at risk if you are sexually active, and if either you or your partner have had multiple partners.

The consequence of contracting an STD can last your entire life, because some STDs cannot be cured. With each new partner, your odds of contracting an STD increase exponentially…

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  1. d. knapp on February 20, 2018 at 8:38 pm

    How can ANYONE feel the sexual revolution was great for women. Single motherhood, disease, and abortion. Hmmm. I guess we gals ARE better of now. (eyes roll)

    • quinersdiner on February 20, 2018 at 8:50 pm

      The revolution hasn’t just ruined millions of lives (beginning with 59 million aborted babies), it is rocking the foundation of our country.

      • d. knapp on February 22, 2018 at 12:09 pm

        The actual intent of those who began it “doing the work of their father”. America was the last of the European societies to have a strong framework of Christianity after WW2 as Europe went socialist and atheistic. The minions of the fallen one had to take care of that. They have so thoroughly destroyed womanhood. If you are a lover of the story of Gilgamesh, you know that she is the backbone of civilization.

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