1. d. knapp on March 6, 2018 at 2:49 pm

    I dont know how a mom can be pro PP. When pushed by a mom selling cookies w/ her girls,I explained I could not buy them again as that some of the $$ goes to PP/abortion. She got very mad at me. She hugged her girl and announced “They (the organization) do other good things though.” I replied NOTHING is good enough to make up for THAT. The woman stared daggers through me. I also quit buying my favorite womens’ sneakers. for the same reason. What’s wrong w/ withholding $$$ from something as awful as that? Why are women unwilling to keep their $$ out of PP b/c they are now connected w/ historically precious groups? Corrupted organizations are corrupted, and I CANT tolerate it and wont bring it to my home.

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