Get over your love affair with affordable energy if Biden is elected

By Tom Quiner

“I never said I opposed fracking,” asserted Joe Biden in last night’s presidential debate. President Trump simply responded, “you said it on tape.”

Indeed he has, repeatedly. Watch the video clip above.

The clip reminds us that Joe Biden believes in nothing, having made whiplash-inducing flips and flops on a dizzying array of issues.

If elected, there is no doubt that team Biden wants to degrade the fracking industry, whether it is an outright ban or death by regulation (see the coal industry). This matters to working class families, who enjoy affordable energy thanks to the oil and gas industries.

Mr. Biden calls for an end to these affordable energy sources by 2035 with a mandated transition to renewable sources. In other words, he wants to turn flyover states like Iowa into California. California leads the country in ‘green’ energy mandates.

California’s energy crisis

So how is that working out for them? Californians have seen the price of electricity increase 6 times that of the rest of the country with its embrace of ‘green new deal’ policies that favor renewables. Residents of the ‘Golden State’ didn’t realize the state’s moniker referred to the price of energy. Energy is so unreliable using the approach Biden wants to impose on all of us that, California experiences periodic energy blackouts during searing heat waves.

Can Biden really get rid of fracking and the oil and gas industries by 2035? No, unless his party gets rid of the filibuster and packs the court with liberal judges, radical ideas promoted within his party. In other words, his team has the potential to inflict a staggering blow to our national power grids as they undo time-honored brakes on government excess.

Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) released a report in December warning their customers to expect blackouts to double over the next 15 years (the year Biden says we have to be weaned off of oil). They tell us blackouts will quadruple over the next thirty years.

How would you like a blackout to happen on a cold Iowa winter night? How would you like it if your president pulls the plug on your electricity on a hot, humid August afternoon?

Get over your love affair with affordable energy

Joe Biden makes it clear: we have to get over our love affair with affordable energy-on-demand. One of the world’s leading climate-change apologists, Bjorn Lomborg, lauded the intentions of the green new deal, but said it would have virtually no effect on the longterm temperature of the earth:

What would the green new deal cost Iowans? A lot. The Competitive Enterprise Institute did a comprehensive analysis and said it would cost Iowans $76,683 in the first year; $49,270 per year in years two through five; and $41,420 in year six and every year thereafter.

For the record, Iowa’s median income is but $59,955. Something’s gotta give if Joe Biden has his way.

Biden’s approach to America’s power grid isn’t just radical, it’s reckless. Worse, it won’t work, according to climate experts like Bjorn Lomborg.

The simple solution: vote for Donald Trump.