The last temptation of a sinner

What should you pray? Today, could you pray for someone you don’t know? A preborn baby whose life is on the line as I type. Her life is being debated in the Iowa Senate right now.

Legislators will determine if the law shall protect her life once a heartbeat is detectable, at around the 5th week.

We’ve posted the prayer above. Please, take a minute to pray it. You’ll change the world.

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The Billy Graham mystique

By Tom Quiner Billy Graham was a Baptist preacher (his epitaph). No one in history preached to more people than the globe-trotting Mr. Graham. It is estimated some 215 million people in 185 heard him preach in person. Not even Jesus could make such a claim (unless you count His activities on the ‘third day’…

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The Sinner’s Guide

“To preserve you, my dear Christian, from these vain regrets, I beg you to gather from what has been said three considerations, and to keep them continually before your mind.”

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Top ten religious movies for Lent

By Tom Quiner Integrating God and faith into movies doesn’t always work. Sometimes, directors who are ardent believers try so hard to convey their fervor that the audience feels like they’ve been clubbed over the head. Other times, a director of little or no faith is able to convey a timeless story of faith with…

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