The heartlessness of liberalism 1

I marvel at how often the policies of the Left hurt people. Worse, the people who impose them so often don’t care about the lack of compassion in their policies.

They ‘feel’ like these policies are good things, and that’s what matters. So when the people they tried to help are actually hurt, they turn a blind eye.

It is this mock benevolence that is so infuriating to conservatives.

The classic example of bad public policy is the minimum wage. More…

“Illegal immigration is a good thing” Reply

Illegal immigration helps people from Mexico and Central America. Why? Because they can find better paying jobs here than in their native country.

But, illegal immigration is good for the U.S. too. Why? Because it helps fill jobs that a lot of Americans don’t want.

But, and here’s the zinger, but the mutual benefit only works as long as the arrangement is ILLEGAL… More…