Strong Republican debate tonight 9

By Tom Quiner

Tonight’s debate was strong on substance. All four candidates made the Republican case and exposed the weakness of President Obama’s policies.

I think every single candidate came across well. Rick Santorum was in the crosshairs and had Mitt Romney and Ron Paul ganging up on him. Mr. Santorum kept his cool. He responded with clarity and intelligence. I was impressed. He knows his stuff. He did something else. He admitted he was wrong on “No Child Left Behind.” He explained why he voted the way he did, and it made sense. He explained why the vote was wrong in hindsight, and he made sense.

Newt Gingrich had a strong night, but that was because he wasn’t in the crosshairs. I don’t think Newt held up in the Florida debate when he was on hot seat as well as Rick Santorum did tonight.

Mr. Romney bothered me. He talked about how he supported the Catholic Church on life issues when he was Governor of Massachusetts, and yet when push came to shove back then he caved. Revisit a previous Quiner’s Diner post for details (“Mitt Romney’s less than resounding support for the unborn”).

I like the way Newt Gingrich turned around the question on birth control and asked “why didn’t the elite mainstream media ask Barack Obama why he supported infanticide when he was a state senator in Illinois?”

The media’s double standard is beyond debate. Rick Santorum has proven he can take the heat. He and Mr. Gingrich both made the conservative case well. So did Mitt Romney, you just never know if he really means it.

As for Ron Paul, his cavalier dismissal of Iran’s nuclear program suggests that Barack Obama is a better choice than he is.