Top ten songs for summer

You know how it goes: there are some songs you want to listen to in the Fall.

There are some you want to listen to in Winter … or in the Spring.

And then there are those Summer songs. Oh how I do love those summer songs!

It might be that the song is about summer, such as “Summer Nights” from Grease. Or maybe you heard it the first time in summer. Or maybe you were in a relationship and the lyrics spoke to you at the time, and still speak to you.

All I know is that when summer hits, I like to open the doors, throw open the windows, and crank up some good summer tunes. I want to hear them humming whether I’m on the patio barbecuing or simply surveying the back forty.

Here is the official list of Quiner’s Diner’s top ten songs for summer. Please let me know what some of your favorite summer songs are.

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