What’s the best part of being Catholic?

I love being Catholic.

I’m a convert from mainline Protestantism. I have great respect for my Protestant brothers and sisters. There are some things certain slices of Protestantism do better than Catholics. There are some things Catholics do better.

But Catholicism, more than any form of Protestantism, allows me to have an intensely personal relationship with Christ…

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Why was God so vicious in the Old Testament?

I received a very tough question: “If God has the ability to change people instantly, why would he need to kill so many men, women [pregnant women], and children like he did throughout the Bible? Why kill so many so violently in a flood when he could have just made them better people?”

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A conversation with the Venerable Fulton J. Sheen on his birthday

By Tom Quiner [My ‘conversation’ with the late, great Archbishop Fulton Sheen on the subject of freedom continues.] QUINER: Today is your birthday. Even though you now reside in heaven, allow me to wish you warm birthday greetings. Let’s take up our conversation from where we left off last time [“Love God, and then do…

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