Youthful pro lifers are relentlessly transforming Iowa

“Abortions drop 30% in Iowa in 5-year span.”

This was yesterday’s headline in the Des Moines Register. They were reporting on the Iowa Board of Medicine’s upcoming hearing on the use of webcam abortions in Iowa.

This headline confirms Quiner’s Diner premise that the youthful pro life generation is beating the aging Marxist-feminist human abortion crowd. That’s the story: young Iowa women are increasingly rejecting Planned Parenthoods seductive advocacy for human abortion.

The Register, though, gave the story a different spin with their sub-headline …

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Doctor says Quiner is full of it

An Iowa City doctor responded forcefully to my essay which appeared in the Des Moines Register last Friday.

Here is Dr. Robert Ashman’s letter which appeared in the morning’s Des Moines Register …

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