By Tom Quiner

Such a tragedy in Arizona.

Our prayers go out to Representative Gabrielle Giffords as she fights for her life.

Our prayers go out to the families of the slain.

A deranged, pot-smoking atheist has attacked and murdered officials of our government. Innocent bystanders are dead. How could anyone do such a thing unless they were, in fact, a nut case?

According to immediate news reports, the blames lies at the footsteps of Sarah Palin and the Tea Party Movement.

The second I heard the story, I new the MSM would blame conservatives before all the facts were in. In the Associated Press story run in the Des Moines Register on Sunday, they didn’t even wait until the second paragraph to make the link.  They did it in the first.

Contrast this with their reporting on the Fort Hood massacre. The President urged us not to rush to judgement.

The mainstream media (MSM) speculated that the mass murderer did it because of anti-Muslim discrimination and combat stress.

In other words, they didn’t speculate on everyone’s biggest suspicion, that he did it out of Islamic religious fervor.

Why does the MSM bend over backwards to indict conservatives for nut cases who are mass murderers?

Why does the MSM bend over backwards not to indict Muslim terrorists who are mass murderers?

It’s this lack of objectivity and decline in journalistic standards that is killing the MSM to the detriment of America.

The MSM is dividing America with reporting this bad, this biased.

In the meantime, America extends condolences to the dead and wounded.

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  1. Nick on January 10, 2011 at 10:29 pm

    I completely agree with your analysis of the media coverage of this – it has been ridiculous. But it seems like you are inferring that it is relevant that he is alleged to be a pot smoker and an atheist. I don’t see how either of these allegations, if true, are relevant. The guy is insane. To substitute “pot smoker” or “atheist” with “conservative” is to make the same mistake the media has been making.

  2. Arianna on January 11, 2011 at 4:03 am

    Why did you mention pot-smoking and atheism? Do you think the murderer’s pot-smoking and atheism were partly to blame for his actions? Do you think atheism and smoking pot make people more likely to be mass murderers?

    I don’t think this man was influenced by Sarah Palin (his former classmate recalled a story of how Rep. Giffords had not answered a question to his liking, angering him greatly). But I was shocked to learn (I guess I’ve been living in a cave recently) that Sarah Palin has marked her opponents with crosshairs on a map and encouraged people to “reload” and “aim for Democrats.” What??? How could any sane person think that is acceptable, especially someone as high-profile as her? I don’t care if she’s speaking “metaphorically.” That just doesn’t seem like rational thinking and behavior to me. And with violent, deranged people in this world, who might not take it “metaphorically,” I don’t see how any good could come out of it, whether she influenced this particular murderer or not.

  3. maxine bechtel on January 11, 2011 at 9:21 am


    It was a time for new Congressional leaders to bring new hope to our country, but was marred by unspeakable tragedy in Arizona. A mentally twisted 22-year-old opened fire on a crowd of innocent people that included Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords (D-Ariz). For six Americans, that morning was their last among us.

    Almost immediately, a plethora of self-made”experts” have tried to pin the blame for this tragedy on certain political leaders. A relentless stream of liberals have been playing the “Blame Game”with finger-pointing toward any and all conservatives who have exercised their First Amendment rights in objecting to the Obama Administration’s infringement upon our freedoms.

    As usual, Big Media is exploiting this attack for political gain. A catastrophe like this one should bring our nation together–not tear us apart. One man was responsible for this shooting–not a piece of legislation, not a political movement.

    Rev. Franklin Graham noted “….pronouncing judgment on any group or individual before an investigation has occurred is in itself inciting hatred. ”

    Graham went on to say, “The gunman has something in common with all of us: he’s a fallen human being. And that won’t be cured by peace rallies or kinder dialogue. The only thing that can save this man is the only thing that can save any of us: God’s grace. ”

    “We pray for that Grace for our Nation, It won’t happen with a mere “moment of silence.” It will take earnest prayers to the Creator and Sustainer of humanity. We ask for God’s physical healing for the hurting, emotional healing for the grieving, and spiritual healing for this, a deeply conflicted America.”

  4. Rhonda Phillips on January 11, 2011 at 2:36 pm

    Whenever a tragedy such as the Tucson shooting occurs there will always be hate mongering, finger pointing, rabid media coverage and all sorts of dialogue asking, “why, why, why?” Since Cain killed Abel humankind has asked that same question. I concur with Billy Graham. We live in a fallen world. Sin appears more rampant today because we see it everyday on TV, hear it on radio and read about it in the media. But there is nothing new under the sun. The shooter was obviously insane. That said we don’t and should never stop trying to fight evil. We must not stay silent but we must speak the Truth in love. We must always be about our Father’s business to change hearts and win souls for His Kingdom. This is the only way that we will have less violence on this earth until Jesus returns to rule and reign forever.

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