Why won't the Obama Government ever shoot straight with us?

By Tom Quiner “Existing policies were grandfathered in. If a policy was not extended, then that was up to the insurance company, probably because it would no longer be a very competitive policy.” This was the defense made of Obamacare by a loyal, if contrarian, Quiner’s Diner reader. I thank him for his comment. He…

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Pope Francis accentuates the beauty of Christianity


This was the smug e-mail I received from a liberal Catholic. He sent me a link to the New York Time’s article on Pope Francis’ interview that appeared in the Jesuit publication, La Civiltà Cattolica.

I haven’t talked to this guy in years. I always liked him, even if we disagreed politically on issues. So his e-mail out of the blue took me by surprise …

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The big story of this campaign

By Tom Quiner What a time in which we live. Big stories are breaking every day. You and I can rattle off a bunch of them: √ The president says we no longer have a freedom of religion, merely a freedom to worhship. He has rewritten the First Amendment, sparking a spate of lawsuits as…

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More journalistic bias from the MSM

By Tom Quiner Such a tragedy in Arizona. Our prayers go out to Representative Gabrielle Giffords as she fights for her life. Our prayers go out to the families of the slain. A deranged, pot-smoking atheist has attacked and murdered officials of our government. Innocent bystanders are dead. How could anyone do such a thing…

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