Senatorial arrogance

By Tom Quiner

Why did Republicans make such historic gains in the election of 2010? Would you agree that Federal spending was surely one of the top three reasons?

Most would say it was the single, biggest issue worrying voters.

As a result, Democrats lost the House.

As a result, Democrats lost Senate seats.

As a result, Democrats lost Governorships and state legislative seats throughout the country.

In light of this moment of electoral clarity, how did Congress respond?

The House listened. Led by Congressman, Paul Ryan, Republicans crafted and passed a budget that addressed the spending issues that have voters so concerned.

How about the Democratically-controlled Senate?

The answer is: they’ve done nothing.

The President’s budget was presented and was voted down 97-0. Not a single Democrat voted for their man’s budget!

So how about the Republican’s budget? What did they think of Paul Ryan’s budget?

They voted it down 57-40.

The Senate was supposed to have passed a budget a month ago, but they haven’t.

Democrats in the Senate haven’t even introduced a budget proposal.

Seven-hundred and fifty-six days have passed since the Senate has even passed a budget resolution despite Federal statute that calls on them to do it each year.

Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid, says the Ryan plan “makes the rich richer and the sick sicker.”

If he doesn’t like it, why doesn’t his party pass an alternative budget?

He claims the Ryan plan “breaks the promise” of Medicare for American Seniors.

His premise is surely debatable. But if he and his party feel that way, all they have to do is take the political heat and do what they are required to do by law: pass a budget.

But they refuse.

They’d rather play politics while America is burning.

What cowards.

The last time America had their financial house somewhat in order was in the days when Republicans controlled the House and Senate and a Democrat, Bill Clinton, was President.

The tension between the two parties checked each others’ spending habits.

As much as I would like to see President Obama replaced as CEO of America, I would much prefer to see Republicans retake the Senate in 2012.

Mr. Reid and his party have abdicated their responsibility. They deserve to be replaced.

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  1. maxine bechtel on May 27, 2011 at 7:14 am

    amen and amen! HOPEFULLY, Many of those poor deluded souls who voted for liberal, “lap-dog” Democrats last election have been enlightened enough to know that the current Regime’s agenda is very bad news for our Country, and will not vote to return them to office!! Here in Iowa and in WA, we have serious gridlock and the longer it prevails, the worse off our Country becomes! It behooves us to keep on keeping on for the cause of our freedoms and well-being!