Why do so many people get hurt by liberal programs?

It was my birthday yesterday.

I got home from the office anticipating my birthday celebration, feeling good about life. And then I saw it: a big envelope from Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield.

I knew what was NOT in the envelope: birthday greetings.

I knew what WAS in the envelope: my rate increase. With shaking hands, I tore open the envelope to relatively good news in this era of ‘affordable’ health insurance: my premiums are ‘only’ going up by…

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Barack Obama vs. the American public

The president told the Park Service to barricade the World War II Memorial.
A bunch of veterans from Iowa and Missouri were flown in on an Honor Flight to recognize their contribution to our nation. The president used them as pawns to inflict as much damage on his enemy, the Republicans. You see, the Park Service was closed down due to an impasse on renewing a continuing budget resolution.
One of the men in attendance was the father of a friend of mine. This vet is 89 years old. What are the odds of him making it back to Washington D.C. again?

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The Party of Gosnell

The House of Representatives passed a bill that says you can’t kill an innocent human being if it hurts. Scientists claim a baby feels pain at 20 weeks in the womb. Republicans crafted this fetal pain bill in the name of compassion. We’ve seen in the recent trial of human abortionist, Dr. Kermit Gosnell, that a baby’s body parts are pulled apart to complete a human abortion. It hurts like hell …

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How to give Obama what he wants

Imagine the pressure the president and his party could put on those recalcitrant House Republicans if Senate Democrats passed the president’s plan. Nothing can stop them from doing so. They have the votes. Nothing can stop them, except for …

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Day 769 in Democrat’s refusal to pass a budget

By Tom Quiner The Senate is supposed to pass a budget each year. Harry Reid’s Democrats have refused to do it for over two years. There’s a reason why: you’re going to have to take some political heat when you actually put your fiscal blueprint down on paper. Some people think you’re spending too much…

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Senatorial arrogance

By Tom Quiner Why did Republicans make such historic gains in the election of 2010? Would you agree that Federal spending was surely one of the top three reasons? Most would say it was the single, biggest issue worrying voters. As a result, Democrats lost the House. As a result, Democrats lost Senate seats. As…

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