NBC censors the Pledge of Allegiance

By Tom Quiner


Did you watch the U.S. Open golf tournament on Sunday?

At the beginning of the broadcast, they ran a feature with children reciting the Pledge of Allegiance in honor of our men and women in the armed forces.

Something was missing, though. They cut out the words “under God”.


In the name of political correctness, they cut out the name of the One from whom our fundamental rights flow.

Is it any wonder so many perceive the mainstream media (MSM) as being biased and agenda-driven?

Evidently, NBC’s viewers (their customers, I might add) noticed the omission and began calling in. The announcer acknowledged that “under God” was edited out. In other words, it was intentionally removed. He said it wasn’t done to offend anyone.

So why was it done? Obviously, they thought leaving it in WOULD offend someone. But whom?

Did they think their customers would be offended by using the entire Congressionally-approved version of the Pledge? The golf world tends to be pretty traditional after all. They wouldn’t be offended.

A professional golfer said this to conservative columnist, Doug MacKinnon:

“Professional golfers tend to be conservative by nature. Not all. It’s getting to be a more diverse sport by the day, which is great for the game. But by and large, a majority of golfers still believe in traditional values, mom, apple pie, and that the United States is the hope of the world.”

He went on to say:

“As a conservative, one of the things that has most bothered me is The Golf Channel partnering with ultraliberal NBC. CNBC is dominated by the liberal agenda, MSNBC is the liberal agenda and the NBC-controlled Weather Channel is driven by the religion of global warming and believes in smearing all who don’t bow down to the ‘settled science’ of global warming. And now The Golf Channel is being big-footed by those with a liberal agenda, and no one seems to care.”

This golfer did not want to be named when he talked to Mr. MacKinnon. Why? Because the commission of the PGA tour, who used to work for Jimmy Carter, bows at the altar of political correctness according to this golfer. He didn’t want to get on the commissioner’s bad side.

“So now professional golf, where at least a majority of the U.S. players still believe in traditional values, is falling under the same control of the far left much like the entertainment world, the mainstream media and our colleges and universities. It’s a disgrace, but many golfers are simply afraid to speak up.”

Ahh … the power of political correctness.

Golf fans tend to embrace truth, justice, and the American way.  They tend to be church-goers, (unless it interferes with their tee time). So NBC had nothing to fear with their core customers by leaving in the words “under God.” The real issue is they were afraid of offending the liberal-fringe who bristle at the idea of America ideal of “in God we trust.” They probably weren’t even watching the broadcast.

If you’re bothered by liberal thought-police expunging God’s name from the MSM, there is something very simple you can do. Contact their sponsors.

They pay the bills.

They are trying to reach their customers and prospective customers. If a network is doing things that upset their target audience, they will think twice about advertising. More likely, they will exert pressure on a network to stop being so politically correct.

Who were the sponsors of the U.S. Open Golf Tournament?  Here they are:



The Royal Bank of Scotland Group


American Express

Drop them a line. Let them know you were upset by NBC’s decision to censor God out of the Pledge of Allegiance. Every one person who contacts them represents a 100,000 others who feel the same.

If you don’t, it will only get worse.

[E-mail this letter to your friends and encourage them to contact the sponsors above. It’s easy. Just click the e-mail button below. If 50 people respond, the sponsors know it represents another 5 million like-minded folks. Don’t roll over and play dead.]

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  1. maxine bechtel on June 23, 2011 at 10:25 am

    Excellent piece, Tom! I wrote to NBC as well as the opinion page the following:

    The following letter was sent to NBC regarding the “apology” given for the omission of the “under God” phrase from the Pledge, as it was given at the U.S. Open Golf Tourney recently. I wonder, what was the purpose of cutting the phrase in the first place? The apology stated that “the edit “was not done to upset anyone.” So WHY was it cut?

    Unfortunately, this indicates the incredible chasm that exists between media elites and most Americans. In spite of President Obama’s blatant denial on a foreign platform during one of his perpetual campaign speeches, the U.S. WAS founded on Christian principles and IS a Christian nation!! No doubt the decision to cut “under God” out of the Pledge was not controversial at NBC where the liberal worldview is firmly in charge.

    To NBC , as well as a huge percentage of Big Media, the “controversial” thing to do would have been to leave God IN the Pledge! That might have offended atheists and agnostics. Unbelievably, no one at NBC stepped in to overrule the decision.

    We here in the “grassroots“ wish NBC and other networks to once again become objective and “fair and balanced” in reporting, so that we can hear the WHOLE story!