A young politician who gives America hope for the future

By Tom Quiner


Young leaders are emerging in this polarized political climate.

One of them is forty year old Marco Rubio, the junior Senator from Florida. In the recent debt ceiling debate, he stood up before the Senate and presented a coherent strategy for America. He respectfully responded to dissenting questions from Massachusetts Senator, John Kerry. I’ve posted his speech above. It’s good.

Senator Rubio is a man to watch.

He is ardently pro-life, calling Roe v Wade “a catastrophe that has had horrifying results.”

Regarding the Tea Party movement, he said:

“I think there is a real misunderstanding about what the Tea Party movement is. The Tea Party movement is a sentiment in America that government is broken – both parties are to blame – and if we don’t do something soon, this exceptional country will be lost and it will become just like everybody else. The last time we were in a place like this was in 1993-94. If we had the technology back then of social media or the Internet, you probably would have had Tea Parties then.”

Mr. Rubio stands for traditional, conservative principals of limited government and opportunity for the little guy.

Between Paul Ryan in the House and Marco Rubio in the Senate, the Republican Party has two future leaders to give America hope for tomorrow.