As Obamacare implodes, the stakes ratchet up

Obamacare is coming to a head.

Thanks to Marco Rubio, the so-called Affordable Health Care Act is set to implode due to sharply rising costs.

Dick Morris provides insight into this coming political issue in the video commentary above. This is good stuff.

It presents opportunity … and peril for conservatives. After listening, you will understand the stakes.

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A practical plan to beat Trump

Here’s where we’re at:

According to the Real Clear Politics average polling data, Donald Trump is favored by 36% of voters while Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio collectively garner 38%. To date, he has won 46% of the delegates.

To win the nomination, a candidate must win a majority of the delegates. A plurality isn’t enough…

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How Abe Lincoln called his opponent a liar in a debate

[Name of candidate] is lying!

There is something so unseemly about calling someone a liar.

I’m never sure if it helps the person using this pejorative. We have heard the slur hurled by a number of Republican candidates at a number of their opponents this election cycle…

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Handicapping the South Carolina primary

How do you predict an upcoming vote?

The conventional approach is by polling a representative sample of the electorate. However, the art and science of polling seems to be getting increasingly unreliable.

There’s another approach: talk to a bookmaker. See who people are actually betting on with real money…

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The Chris Christie effect

When Hillary Clinton is sworn in as the next president of the United States, the Chris Christie effect will long be talked about.

I refer to last Saturday’s debate.

Governor Christie cut Marco Rubio off at the knees in one of the most consequential debate moments in a long time…

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Abortion as self-defense?

By contrast, Marco Rubio refused to budge on life issues despite the political expediency of watering down one’s convictions, as Messrs. Bush and Christie did. Said Rubio:

“I would rather lose an election than be wrong on the issue of life.”

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