Herman Cain’s business savvy is good for America

By Tom Quiner


The President’s inexperience is telling.

We elected a man with no business experience and minimal Congressional experience. The president appears to be floundering with no clear vision on how to create jobs and restore the economy.

I have been impressed recently with Herman Cain’s clear communication, upbeat message, and business savvy.

As a small business owner myself, I realize the importance of having political leadership that values the impact government policy has on the source of most of America’s jobs: small business.

Herman Cain gets it. And he’s bright.

Listen to the respectful exchange between former President Clinton and Herman Cain in this 1994 YouTube video above. Mr. Cain reveals a critical analytical ability so missing in the current administration.

This eight minute exchange is worth listening to in its entirety.

I haven’t taken Mr. Cain seriously as a candidate in the past. Now I am.