The amazing invention that the Left despises

By Tom Quiner


A man invented something amazing.

This guy invented a way of running a business that saved people of modest means a bundle of money. He lowered at-home food prices by 9.1% according to Global Insight, an international research firm. Amazingly, the Consumer Price Index was 3.1% lower because of this guy.

He invented a way to give regular folks more purchasing powers, to make their paychecks go farther.

People loved his invention. They flocked to him by the hordes, by the hundreds of millions around the world, and spent so much money with him that they made him rich. He and his family became billionaires. Keep in mind, no one made these people give him money. They did it of their own free will because they got something in return: good products at a great price.

People not only want to buy his products, they want to work for him. He employees 1.3 million Americans. Only the federal government of the United sates employes more people.

He didn’t just create a boatload of jobs in the U.S. he did the same around the world, especially in underdeveloped countries where job opportunities are limited. According to New York Times columnist, John Tierney, this guy was responsible for creating more jobs in developing nations than an economist in Bangladeshi by the name of Mohammed Yunus who won a Nobel Peace Prize for his role in helping to secure small loans for villagers to start their own businesses.

Why have I told you this about the late Sam Walton and his invention, the Wal-Mart stores? Because he and his company are reviled by the Left. Watch the video above if you don’t believe me. In this clip, ACORN CEO, Bertha Lewis, goes into the “Church of Earthaluja” to wail that “Wal-Mart sucks.”

Mr. Walton and his heirs are members of the “accursed” “1%”.

I have a solution for all of these folks grousing about this Walton clan being too rich: all they have to do is to stop buying stuff from their stores. It’s really simple. You don’t need the government to penalize them for their success, the so-called “99%” can do it if they want.

But they won’t do it. You know why? Because there is a mutually beneficial exchange that is made with each purchase in a Wal-Mart. People voluntarily give Wal-Mart their money because they get a good deal in return.

It’s called capitalism.  It works.  Now deal with it.