How the American culture poisons us

By Tom Quiner

With a U.S. circulation of 3.032,211 readers, Cosmopolitan Magazine is the 16th best-selling periodical in America. Their target audience is young, unmarried women. “Cosmo” is famous for their suggestive cover headlines:

Bad Girl Sex: 75 very naughty moves to try on a man.

Great Guy, Lame Sex?

Orgasm Virgins.

ALL NEW:  60 Sex Tips.

“Too Naughty To Stay Here: But You Have to Try This Sex Trick.”

You get the idea. The message to the young unmarried women is persistent: sex outside of marriage is good. The naughtier the better. If you’re not getting anything, something’s wrong with you, but we can help.

Nicole Weider

Cosmopolitan magazine is doing their part to advance the coarsening of the American culture. Someone wants to do something about it. Her name is Nicole Weider, a model. Here’s what she had to say about the magazine she used to read:

“As a former reader of the magazine, I happened to pick up an issue and was reading it and was completely shocked at how pornographic and explicit the content had become. I immediately thought of my young teenage brothers and it horrified me to think that they and their friends could be reading this material, and the damage it would do to them if they did. So I decided to do something about it.”

She is petitioning the FTC to require that Cosmopolitan Magazine be sold only to adults and that it be wrapped in a non-transparent wrapper.

Do you support this effort? Then sign the petition here.

Ms. Weider even contacted the Chairman of the FTC, Jon Leibowitz, and asked him to intercede.

“I have contacted the Chairman of the FTC, John Leibowitz and received a letter from his office stating they will look into the issue and start an investigation only when they feel it’s a ‘threat’ to society. This means they need more complaints — that is, signers of this petition.”

If you think peddling naughty sex to unmarried young women is a threat to society, you can do something about it and join me in signing the petition to move it beyond the reach of the our vulnerable youth. Sign the petition today!

Another publication, Sports Illustrated has joined the fray with their increasingly sexualized swim suit issue. With a circulation of 3,207,861, Sports Illustrated is the 15th highest circulation magazine in the U.S. The mainstreaming of female nudity to prepubescent and teen age boys is not a good thing. I’ve been a prepubescent and a teenage boy. I’ve raised two of my own. I speak from experience. Boys don’t need additional temptations.

I ran across another way our culture is poisoning us in the Saturday newspaper from, of all places, an advice columnist. This columnist, Carolyn Hax, usually dispenses pretty good advice via her column, “Tell Me About It.” However, she did real damage to the culture in her recent post.

Carolyn Hax

A seven month pregnant wife wrote in and said her husband was pressuring her to have an “open marriage.” Translation: he wants to sleep around. Ms. Hax responded:

“I think open marriages are a great idea when the two people in them both think they’re a great idea. I think the idea of them is offensive when one spouse is pregnant and under pressure to agree because the other spouse can’t think of anyone but himself.”

One of the timeless principals of mankind, and a foundational dictum of Judeo-Christian civil society is  “thou shalt not commit adultery.” This Seventh Commandment was proudly displayed in our public schools along with the rest of God’s Commandments for most of our Republic’s history until liberal elites forced their removal.

Now we have an advice columnist in a family newspaper like the Des Moines Register telling us it is okay to commit adultery as long as your spouse says it’s okay.

There are decent men and women who succumb to temptation amid the complications of human relationships and commit adultery. This can do such damage, to themselves, their marriage, their children, and even society.

Civil society is built on solid families which are themselves built on the foundation of commitment in marriage. Otherwise decent people are weakened when the culture lowers the commitment bar, when advice columnists poison our culture with the kind of advice Carolyn Hax gave last week.

What should we do? Don’t let it pass. Call them on the carpet. Write your newspaper if you’ve read something that you think is poisoning our culture. In Des Moines, you can write to the Des Moines Register at:

America is better than the poison being forced-fed on us by the popular culture.

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  1. maxine Bechtel on January 9, 2012 at 4:35 pm

    Thanks, Tom for alerting me and others who believe in Biblical morality! I don’t subscribe to Cosmopolitan and haven’t read Ms. Hax’s column, but wonder why the Register gave her a pass on this one!! Evidently, she is unmarried; or else she doesn’t know the true meaning of the Marriage Vow to “love, honor and cherish “or she couldn’t say, “open marriages are a “GREAT IDEA”! Just another step downward in our culture!