Cranky Super Bowl musings

By Tom Quiner


I’m an Indianapolis Colts fans. So, all the Super Bowl hype played second fiddle to the status of Colt’s star quarterback, Peyton Manning.

Having said that, what a game last night. Peyton’s younger brother, Eli, once again demonstrated that he has ice running through his veins. When the heat is on, he is cool as a cucumber.

I love to see a Bill Belicheck coached team lose a big game. Of course, it’s most fun when it’s Peyton and the Colts giving the smug Mr. Belicheck his comeuppance. But Eli Manning and the Giants are the next best thing.

So what does the Super Bowl have to do with a blog like Quiner’s Diner which dispenses opinion on politics and religion and all things connected to both?

The ads.

Specifically, I reacted poorly to an ad for The Tonight Show, which I’ve posted above.

It’s a humorous ad with one exception: Madonna.

I don’t like her. Her career has focused on promoting the spread of sluttiness to young women. Her life has been lived in a singular pursuit to dishonor the woman for whom she was named: Mary, Mother of Jesus Christ. Mary, the Madonna.

What does Madonna mean? It means the Virgin Mary.

Madonna, the singer, represents the opposite of everything that the Blessed Virgin represents.

Which leads me back to the The Tonight Show ad. Madonna wears a large, black cross. She wears it as a piece of jewelry in mockery of the religion in which she was raised, but rejected.

Today, Madonna embraces a particular type of rabbinic Judaism called Kabbalah.

Non-religious readers of this blog may not fully realize how offensive it is to Christians to see the sacred symbol of Christ’s suffering, the cross, profaned by the likes of Madonna Louise Ciccone who reject its meaning and flaunt it as mere jewelry.

The hope for mankind is found on that cross.

Americans are constantly instructed by the Left to be tolerant of the Muslim faith and their symbols and customs.

I respectfully ask the same of them when it comes to the precious symbols of Christianity.



  1. Theresa Dowd on February 6, 2012 at 11:23 pm

    And of course she named her daughter Lourdes. The feast of Our Lady of Lourdes is on Saturday. Maybe we could pray for her especially on that day. Who knows what might happen! I, for one, would love to be stunned.

    • quinersdiner on February 7, 2012 at 9:07 am

      Good idea. I will.