The Super Bowl reveals a human side to Donald Trump

I predicted that the New England Patriots would win yesterday’s Super Bowl 37 to 28.

I was close. The final score was, in fact, 34 to 28, in the most epic game in history, despite the fact that I pulled mightily AGAINST the Patriots.

I ran across a side story that is worth sharing. It involves the way Donald and Melania Trump rallied around the owner of the Patriots, Robert Craft, when his wife died six years ago.

It reveals a human side to Donald Trump, a side that is difficult to get out to the public in light of the president’s antics. Here is Robert Craft’s story:

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Super Bowl lessons in class and classlessness

How did he handle defeat? With total classlessness.

Watch him action in the video above. He is sullen. He responds with one word answers or short sentences. After just a few minutes, the man with a $103 million contract just stands up and walks out.

What a lack of class. The guy who feels no compunction at rubbing it in when things are going well lacks the character to show grace in defeat.

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