The gruesome business of Planned Parenthood

By Tom Quiner

Sue Thayer was dismissed by Planned Parenthood for her pro life views

Sue Thayer, former director of Planned Parenthood's Storm Lake, Iowa, office

Life isn’t always black and white. Then again, it is when it comes to the Truth.

For example, abortion ends a human life. That statement is black and white because it is always true.

On the other hand, the people who work at Planned Parenthood are not necessarily bad people. They are are doing bad work. But they are victims of the Secular Humanism that has seduced so many into believing that the pre-born are sub human, disposable creatures.

To prove my point, I’d like to introduce you to Sue Thayer, the former director of Planned Parenthood’s Storm Lake, Iowa, office.

I heard Ms. Thayer speak last week at an Iowa Right to Life meeting.

What kind of person is Ms. Thayer? She and her husband have been foster parents to 130 different children, and they adopted another. There is a special place in heaven for foster parents, I believe.

Ms. Thayer is pro life, and has always been pro life.

So how does that square with working for Planned Parenthood for many years? The Storm Lake office at which she worked didn’t perform abortions. She did not consider herself to be in the abortion business, because they had nothing to do with it in her office.

That began to change.

When Planned Parenthood began to consider ways to increase their profitability, they concocted the “telemed abortion” scheme. This allowed them to circumvent laws that requires a doctor’s presence for a medical procedure.

With telemed abortion, a pregnant woman can come to a Planned Parenthood clinic, such as the one in Storm Lake. There, she confers with a doctor at a remote location, say here in Des Moines. The doctor presses a button in Des Moines which opens a drawer in Storm Lake. The mother reaches in and picks up two pills.

She takes the first immediately which kills her baby.

She takes the other pill two days later which expels the baby’s body in the comfort of the mother’s home. The remnants of her child’s body is either flushed down the toilet or thrown out in the trash.

The mother is left to cope with the consequence of the abortion alone.

Telemed abortion allows Planned Parenthood doctors to be more productive and profitable. A single doctor can administer a larger quantity of abortions throughout the state without the expense of traveling to remote locations.

This is a big consideration for Planned Parenthood. The number of doctors willing to do abortions for the money is dwindling.

So Planned Parenthood has introduced this gruesome “medical” practice in Iowa as a test market. They hope to roll it out across the country. Is it legal? Iowa’s Democratic Attorney General didn’t touch it. The Medical Board said it was okay.

Which brings me back to Sue Thayer. Planned Parenthood brought employees into their Des Moines office from locations around the state to learn more about the business of abortion. They wanted their remote locations prepared for an influx of new “business.” Ms. Thayer had to spend a day watching surgical abortions being performed on healthy women and their healthy pre born children.

It was gruesome.

Ms. Thayer related that a nurse had to collect all the body parts left over following the abortion. With one procedure, Sue saw that there were three hands. Why? “Oh this one was twins,” the nurse cavalierly explained.

Sue Thayer expressed her dissent to the business of abortion which led to her dismissal.

Pro lifers can be understandably cynical of the Sue Thayers of the world for aiding and abetting an organization that kills human beings, even if she wasn’t directly involved herself.

All I can say is I sat with Sue over lunch. I watched her with her children.

I heard about the good work she is doing now, and I’m again left with this thought: she was another victim of the moral relativism that devalues human life.

What is she doing now? Why she led a 40 Days for Life prayer vigil in front of her former Planned Parenthood Clinic in Storm Lake.

Jenifer Bowen characterized Sue Thayer as the right heart in the wrong place. Today, her heart is not only right, it’s in the right place, too.

God works in mysterious ways.


  1. maxine Bechtel on February 6, 2012 at 8:19 am

    Thanks, Tom! A GREAT PIECE! God bless Ms. Thayer for her courage and for all those other former PP employees who have had their eyes opened!! I have just rewritten my op-ed on the Komen issue. I’ll copy it below:

    “I am sorry that Komen caved to fierce pressure and threats of ruin from the adherents of abortion on demand! As per usual, Rather than telling the WHOLE story, most of “Big Media”, including this article, there is no mention that PP doesn’t even have the equipment to do mammograms–the chief method of detecting breast cancer!! Since the Komen Foundation’s primary purpose is to stamp our breast cancer, it would make perfect sense to give their thousands of dollars in grants to other organizations who DO furnish mammogram! Giving their money to PP is tantamount to the fox guarding the proverbial henhouse!

    ADDITIONALLY, In spite of vehement denials by the “Pro-death” crowd, the link between abortion and breast cancer is real. Many medical experts have confirmed that abortions can, in fact, trigger breast cancer. Since PP’s primary purpose appears to be accommodating the “Woman’s Right to Choose, (that of furnishing abortion on demand), and the Komen Foundation’s primary purpose is to eliminate breast cancer, this decision makes all kinds of practical sense! To continue to pay for abortions is a grave mistake!

    That Planned Parenthood’s claims to be a real source of women’s health care is at best a gross exaggeration , and at worst (to coin a phrase) a bare-faced lie!”

  2. irishsignora on February 6, 2012 at 9:56 pm

    Bravo, sir. Thank you for your excellent writing and your spirited defense of the weakest among us.