The racist roots of Planned Parenthood Reply


“Why should Christians be able to impose their views on women?” 2

The obvious response to Ms. Richards is, “why should neo pagans be able to impose THEIR religion on the infant (Hillary Clinton’s word) in the womb?   More…


No, I’m not making this quote up 1


Tell me, who are the racists? 2

Let us make life simple:

Planned Parenthood lavishly supports the Democratic Party with donations.

In return, the Democratic Party lavishly supports Planned Parenthood politically.

Planned Parenthood and the Democratic Party proclaims they support the Black Lives Matter movement in their tweets and hashtags.

Now let’s get so super simple that even a liberal might blush: Planned Parenthood will happily accept the money of a no-good, rotten white racist scumbag who will donate money to abort Black babies, not white ones, because he wants fewer black people in the world. More…