What’s the biggest issue in America?

By Tom Quiner

The Senate refuses to pass a budget.Several big issues are top burner issues in America right now. One of the biggest? Our runaway deficits and unfunded entitlements.

America is desperate for political leadership.

They will not get it from the Democrats. It’s now been 1106 days since the Senate passed a budget.

In other words, at a crisis point in America’s financial history, a point where we need a responsible budget more than ever, Democrats choose to cavalierly shirk the law they themselves crafted in 1974, The Congressional Budget Act.

The House Republicans have done their duty and come forth with a responsible budget that is a starting point.

Senate Democrats don’t want to face the political heat, so they simply ignore the law, just as they and the president ignored the blue ribbon panel he empaneled over a year ago to provide solutions.

The White House doesn’t care. Press secretary, Jay Carney laughed it off with¬†“Well, I don’t have an opinion to express on how the Senate does its business with regards to this issue.”

They president and his party blame Republicans, of course. Until the Senate comes up with their own budget, they would be advised to shut up and apologize profusely to their very worried constituency.



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  1. solutions777 on February 9, 2012 at 9:11 pm

    Electing a high quality president would change all this. Doing so, would end budget deficits, improve the economy, reduce the deficits and revive America.




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