Why I oppose Susan G. Komen

By Tom Quiner


It hit me like a ton of bricks today: I’m the exact same age my Mom was when she died. And that’s young.

Today’s news headlines jarred my memories of the painful loss of Mom to breast cancer nearly a quarter of a century ago. You see, the Susan G. Komen Foundation has decided to restore its financial commitment to Planned Parenthood after pulling it just two days ago.

For the record, the Komen group is doing good work in trying to screen women for breast cancer and catch it early.

I commend their efforts in light of the loss of one of the most beautiful human beings I’ve ever known, Lucille Quiner. (For the record, she’s one of the most beautiful human beings YOU would ever know, and that’s not just my familial bias talking.)

What I would give to have just one more day with her, even a minute. I can’t put a value on what that would mean to me.

Mom was a giver. Nothing was about her, it was always about others.

She was a peacemaker in an extended family like most, that required peacemakers. (Her brother and his family of five kids lived next to her mother-in-law. Need I say more?)

She loved God. She loved her husband. She loved her kids.

She made my Dad a better man … and a better father.

Have I made my case that my Mom was one of God’s special people?

That brings me back to Susan G. Komen and Planned Parenthood.

Planned Parenthood kills human beings by the thousands daily through the abortions they perform on healthy women and their healthy babies. They’ve made billions over the years one death at a time.

Supposedly, they offset this in other ways by providing other beneficial services to women. That assumption is called into doubt by the video above produced by Live Action Films.

Susan G. Komen did the right thing when they disassociated themselves from Planned Parenthood. They squandered that goodwill when they caved to Planned Parenthood’s destructive PR campaign against them and restored funding.

An organization that could have saved my Mom’s life in 1978 gives money to an organization that kills hundreds of thousands of babies a year for the money.

The trade off isn’t worth it.

I will not support Susan G. Komen.

I ask you to not support them either. Let them know that you’re ready to open your checkbook to them the day, but not a minute sooner, that they definitively cut their ties with Planned Parenthood.

Until that day, I will oppose them. I hope you do too.


  1. irishsignora on February 4, 2012 at 6:15 am

    I’ve declined to support Komen for years, not only because of its grants to Planned Parenthood, but also because of its extraordinary administrative expenses. My Granny (who I think would have gotten along swimmingly with your Mom) succumbed to breast cancer in 1990; she was a lady of great faith, and I believe she would have approved of my donating elsewhere.

    Thanks for the post.

  2. Rhonda on February 4, 2012 at 7:15 am

    I have opposed the Susan G Koman Foundation the second I discovered they funded Planned Parenthood. Bloggers re the Koman vs PP debacle made it clear just how many have been duped into believing PP is a great orga
    nization helping the poor..especially woman. The glowing remarks coupled with the outrage against Koman turned my stomach. It made me realize that more than ever I need ro leave my comfort zone and stop preaching to the choir..

  3. Bob on February 4, 2012 at 9:58 am

    My mother also had breast cancer, which spread to the rest of her body and ultimately killed her… so it’s a personal issue with me, too.

    Planned Parenthood not only does nothing to prevent or cure breast cancer, they also perform surgical procedures that increase women’s risk of developing breast cancer. They are a truly evil organization, with the blood of millions of innocents on their hands.

  4. maxine Bechtel on February 5, 2012 at 7:24 am

    It’s tragic that Komen caved due to threats from the “Pro-death” crowd. ADDITIONALLY, Komen has decided to “change the rules” regarding funding. In various online news stories (NOT Big Media’s reporting), Komen officials gave a perfectly logical reason for the decision to withdraw since PP does not even have equipment to perform mammograms! Since the Komen Foundation’s primary reason for existing is to stamp our breast cancer, they have decided to give their heretofore thousands of dollars in grants to other organizations who DO furnish mammogram!

    In spite of vehement denials by abortion adherents of the link between abortion and breast cancer, many medical experts have long held that abortions can, in fact, trigger breast cancer. Since PP’s primary purpose appears to be accommodating the “Woman’s Right to Choose”, (that of furnishing abortion on demand), and the Komen Foundation’s primary purpose is to eliminate breast cancer, this decision makes all kinds of practical sense!

    That Planned Parenthood’s claims to be a real source of women’s health care is at best a gross exaggeration , and at worst a bare-faced lie!

  5. keithnewman on February 16, 2012 at 5:38 pm

    Funny how many oppose abortion but then won;t spend the money to give these kids a fighting chance at having a real life. If you’re not going to spend your your tax DOLLARS to promote education and well being, i..e poverty programs as in head start, then have the SENSE not to weigh in on the abortion question.