You are a racist

By Tom Quiner

Do you disagree with President Obama’s policies? Then you are a racist.

Mr. Obama’s supporters are very clear in this contention.

A Quiner’s Diner reader shared this feedback:

“I have a good friend who is a protestant pastor at an east-side church. Up until yesterday we had never  discussed politics, but he is the kind of guy I would have bet my life would be a staunch Pro-Life conservative. Nope. He’s an intelligent, compassionate guy, but he actually said that “all the criticism of Obama is looking more and more like racism”…

Former president, Jimmy Carter, agrees. He said that an “overwhelming portion” of those opposing Mr. Obama’s policies are racist.

A Rasmussen poll reveals that 43% of blacks believe that those who disagree with Mr. Obama’s policies are racist.

Let us be clear about this ugly allegation. The protestant pastor, Mr. Carter, and blacks who call you and me (for I disagree with Mr. Obama on most issues) racist, claim that you and I hate Mr. Obama because of his skin color.

That is what defines racism: hatred.

Of course, this is all nonsense.

People who invoke the “R” word do so in order to avoid critical thinking.

For the record, I hold black political commentators such as Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, and Star Parker in high regard.

Most conservatives do.

For the record, I consider a young black, man living in South Africa to be my son. He lived with us for ten months in the late 90s and is a part of our family today … and always will be.

In rapid fire succession, I would like to clearly lay out the concerns that independent and conservative Americans have with the policies of Barack Obama:

√ Unemployment went up after he became president.

√ Unemployment stayed up after he became president because his policies don’t work.

√ He is forcing Catholics to violate their religious beliefs by requiring faith-based organizations to provide free sterilization, abortifacients, and contraception to their employees in violation of their religious beliefs.

√ He tripled the deficit.

√ The poverty rate skyrocketed under his watch.

√ Median income levels have dropped.

√ The cost of health insurance premiums have increased an average of $2500 since he came in.

√ The number of available jobs in the U.S. have dropped from 142 million to 139 million since his policies went into effect.

√ The inflation rate has increased from .03% to 3.77% under his watch. Inflation is a hidden tax that hurts everyone.

√ Food stamp usage has increased from 32 million to 45 million Americans. Liberals may think this is good. Independents and conservatives don’t.

√ The price of gasoline has increased from $1.62 per gallon to $3.66. Again, green energy-loving liberals may think this is good. Independents and conservatives don’t.

√ Average home values have dropped by about $9000 per home during his term.

√ He increased the national debt by $4.1 Trillion. That is trillion with a capital T.

√ He increased the annual deficit by $842 Billion.

√ Guantanamo is still open, thank goodness. He stuck with the Bush approach after shamelessly campaigning that it be changed.

√ He didn’t end military tribunals, thank goodness. He stuck with the Bush approach after shamelessly campaigning that it be changed.

√ He didn’t revise the Patriot Act. He stuck with the Bush approach after shamelessly campaigning that it be changed.

√ He didn’t end the Bush-era tax cuts for “the rich,” thank goodness. He stuck with the Bush approach after shamelessly campaigning that it be changed.

√ He said he’d never sign a new piece of legislation, known as his “sunlight before signing” vow, until 5 days had passed. He’s broken this promise repeatedly, especially on mammoth pieces of legislation like Obamacare that required lots of sunlight time to be properly scrutinized.

√ He said he’d eliminate capital gains taxes for small businesses. He didn’t.

√ He said he’d never hire lobbyists in his administration. He broke the vow and hired lobbyists.

√ He said he’d stick with public campaign funding for his presidential bid in 2008. He didn’t honor his pledge. But John McCain did.

This is a very partial list. But you get the point. If you don’t, what does it say about you?


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  1. maxine Bechtel on February 2, 2012 at 11:06 am

    BRAVO, TOM! keep up the good work! I get accused of many things, including racism, total ignorance, and deserving of fierce judgment from God for expressing my objections to Obama’s policies! But it’s vital that we “keep on keeping on” exposing the fallacies being perpetrated by the powers-that-be if we wish to preserve our freedoms.