What’s not in the mainstream media?

By Tom Quiner

A quick scan of headlines tonight and in recent months is revealing for what it doesn’t report.

Bill Maher calls Sarah Palin a c**t. He gives Barack Obama’s PAC a million bucks.  Not a peep from the MSM. No one asks the president if he’ll give the money back, except for a Fox News reporter who is ignored at the president’s press conference.

Did Rush Limbaugh receive the same treatment?

A 1990 video of Barack Obama emerges with the future president invoking a large crowd to open their hearts and mind to professor Derrick Bell, a man who embraces racial views considered extreme. Professor Bell has been characterized as a “radical academic” with ties to Jeremiah Wright.

The video evidently has been suppressed for years.

Why isn’t the MSM interested in digging into the Barack Obama’s past with the same zeal they use on George W. Bush or Sarah Palin? Thank goodness for Breitbart and Fox.

Now I don’t know much about Professor Bell. But in light of Mr. Obama’s appeal for us to open our hearts and minds to this man, perhaps we deserve to know more, and should have know more four years ago. Would Mr. Obama have been electable if it turns out Professor Bell’s ideas are racist and radical?

Wind farms paid not to produce?

On the Fox News website, I saw a piece about a wind farm that was paid NOT to produce. In light of Mr. Obama’s executive decision to distribute taxpayer money in the name of green energy, shouldn’t this be a big story?

I didn’t see anything on CNN, ABC, or MSNBC websites, although the latter had a story titled, “Birds Get Special Treatment.” Sounds pretty hard-hitting.

Mr. Obama has a problem. The MSM is losing their clout.

Everyone with half a brain knows they’re in the tank for Mr. Obama. Their lack of fairness and balance along with their fear of being politically incorrect has opened the door to the likes of Fox News and their refreshingly different approach of “fair, balanced, unafraid.”

My friends on the Left roll their eyes when they hear me defend Fox.

That’s fine. Their ratings blow everyone else away, because of the growing disgust of the liberal bias of the MSM.

When you throw in Breitbart along with the conservative blogosphere, it’s getting tougher and tougher for the MSM to protect their man’s radical past, and his radical record as president.

What’s not in the mainstream media? Who cares? I don’t watch them anymore.


  1. juwannadoright on March 8, 2012 at 1:18 am

    I haven’t watched or listened to them for years. I see even less reason now than ever to tune back in to them. When my neighbors ask if I saw such and such on the evening news I realize they must think that when I respond that I don’t watch it – they think I’m “uninformed.” But I think that’s better than being “mis-informed.”

  2. Rhonda on March 8, 2012 at 8:08 am

    Sometimes I make myself listen to NPR (National Public Radio) simply to ascertain “What do the simple folk do?” My teacher friends listen to this media ‘news’ source exclusively. They wouldn’t listen to Fox or any other conservative media even if their lives depended upon it…which, frankly, it does. or at least the freedoms they currently enjoy. In Quiner’s forum nothing else needs to be stated to those who know the impact this Administration has had on the freedom and rights of U.S. citizens. Frankly, Bush also impeded those rights with the Patriot Act albeit so-saying in an act to protect U.S. citizens from terrorist acts.
    We have a constitution and bill of rights for a reason. Would it that every person age 12 and older were mandated to read THOSE papers on a yearly basis…memorize them, adhere to them the MSM wouldn’t stand a chance to spin and manipulate.
    Finally, the double standard the MSM perpetrates on the gullible public is breath-taking. Fortunately, there are those smart enough to refuse to buy their papers or tune into their skewed news. Still, we must never remain silent. Thanks Tom, for a another great article!

    • quinersdiner on March 8, 2012 at 10:12 am

      It hits me the need to reiterate certain points repeatedly, because the Left’s mouthpiece (MSM) reiterates false ideas until people believe they are the truth. I will keep hammering on these points as my small way to make a difference.

  3. maxine Bechtel on March 9, 2012 at 9:18 am

    HEAR, HEAR! I’ve been harping on media bias for years, but somehow, the mind-numbed robots out there are blind, deaf and oblivious to the truth, and will swallow ANYTHING ),as well as PRINT media) dishes up!! All we can do is KEEP ON KEEPING ON!