Paul Ryan’s responsible budget for working class America

By Tom Quiner

Paul Ryan has charted a roadmap to prosperity

Congressman Paul Ryan's budget saves taxpayers $5.3 Trillion compared to President Obama's

Why were Republicans thrown out of office in 2006?

Because they spent too much of taxpayer’s money.

Why were Democrats thrown out of office in 2010?

Because they spent too much of taxpayer’s money.

Is there a lesson to be learned here?

Let us see.

Two men have presented competing budgets representing different political philosophies. Barack Obama speaks for America’s liberals. Republican Congressman, Paul Ryan, speaks for the rest of us.

Mr. Obama increased America’s debt by 56% since taking office. His budget proclaims that it’s not enough, that we need more spending, more debt. To that aim, he wants to increase government spending from $3.6 Trillion last year to $5.6 Trillion in one decade.

Paul Ryan charts a more moderate course that will spend $5.3 Trillion less over the next decade. The difference represents about a $68,000 savings for every family of four.

Mr. Ryan proposes a sensible tax simplification plan that I believe could attract bi-partisan support over time. He’d like to get rid of tax loopholes and deductions that benefit the well-heeled the most and reduce the number of tax brackets from six to two. The two income tax rates would be 10% for us working class yokels, kind of like a national tithe, and 25% for American’s most-productive workers.

Complexity increases costs and reduces productivity. Although Mr. Obama opposes any initiative that might unite Americans, rank and file Democrats as recently as six months ago indicated an interest in tax simplification. In the long run, Mr. Ryan’s approach may very well increase government coffers by reducing compliance costs.

Mr. Obama’s approach calls for higher deficits, more debt, more borrowing which has the likelihood of increasing inflationary pressures. Inflation is an invisible and devastating attack on the poor and working class America. Even more, his spending threatens the longterm viability of Social Security and Medicare.

The Ryan budget charts a path to prosperity with a budget that many conservatives believe doesn’t reduce spending enough.

Nonetheless, it is far more responsible than Mr. Obama’s.

It is for more responsible to the long term well-being of America’s working class.

If Republicans communicate this positive vision, they win. History showed us that in 2010.