Bill Maher continues his assault on Sara Palin’s daughter

By Tom Quiner

Shouldn’t the kids of politicians be off limits?

Obama won't give back Bill Maher contribution

Barack Obama refuses to return this man’s campaign contribution

One of President Obama’s biggest supporters, Bill Maher, says no.

Mr. Maher has called Sara Palin a c**t, a boob, and a bimbo.

He has mocked her Downs Syndrome child.

And he has denigrated her daughter, Bristol, with a level of lewdness shocking to all but those on the Left (“she was f—-d so hard a baby fell out”).

His latest tweet again targets Bristol Palin:

“Levi Johnston having baby named Beretta after fav gun;Bristol will name her next kid Colt 45.After what shes drinking when she gets pregnant”

The president and his party are okay with this. They have kept Mr. Maher’s million dollar contribution, even though he continues to target the children of conservative politicians.

This isn’t about humor, it’s about hate.

Nowhere was hatred toward conservatives been more on display than in a 2009 piece in Playboy featuring “the conservative women we want to hate f**k.”

You read correctly. It seems rape is now a politically-correct form of satire, as long as it targets conservatives.

Bill Maher isn’t funny. The Democratic Party tacitly approves by accepting the money from the likes of Bill Maher and using it to defeat those he attacks.