The Obama legacy

Republicans have won so many seats at the state level, that they’re within a single state of having the votes to amend the Constitution should they want to.

Let’s say they wanted to abolish the income tax, or enshrine a right to life from conception, or pass a balanced budget amendment, it is within reach … all thanks to Barack Obama.

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Bill Maher continues his assault on Sara Palin’s daughter

Shouldn’t the kids of politicians be off limits? One of President Obama’s biggest supporters, Bill Maher, says no. Mr. Maher has called Sara Palin a c**t, a boob, and a bimbo. He has mocked her Downs Syndrome child. And he has denigrated her daughter, Bristol, with a level of lewdness shocking to all but those on the Left (“she was f—-d so hard a baby fell out”). His latest tweet again targets Bristol Palin …

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