Republican war on cats?

By Tom Quiner


The death of the world’s largest cat is frothy fodder for the always funny Jodi Miller, ace investigative reporter for NewsBusted.

Conservatives thinks she’s hysterical. A faithful liberal Quiner’s Diner reader told me Jodi isn’t funny. Well, duh, you’re a liberal!

This week’s splendid side-splitting fare is sure to shore up your sanity:

√ What do liberals call deporting illegal aliens? Vote tampering!

√ Occupy Wall Street: are they making Dems look bad?

√ Republican war on cats? (My favorite.)

√ Elizabeth Warren no shootem straightem.

√ Joe Biden feeds Jeopardy questions?

√ How about a Biden/Clinton ticket!

√ Pain pills & bacon … welcome to America!

May your Friday be a conservative one. Take it away, Jodi!