By Tom Quiner


The death of the world’s largest cat is frothy fodder for the always funny Jodi Miller, ace investigative reporter for NewsBusted.

Conservatives thinks she’s hysterical. A faithful liberal Quiner’s Diner reader told me Jodi isn’t funny. Well, duh, you’re a liberal!

This week’s splendid side-splitting fare is sure to shore up your sanity:

√ What do liberals call deporting illegal aliens? Vote tampering!

√ Occupy Wall Street: are they making Dems look bad?

√ Republican war on cats? (My favorite.)

√ Elizabeth Warren no shootem straightem.

√ Joe Biden feeds Jeopardy questions?

√ How about a Biden/Clinton ticket!

√ Pain pills & bacon … welcome to America!

May your Friday be a conservative one. Take it away, Jodi!

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