The power of beauty

By Tom Quiner


An Italian wife was pregnant.

Suddenly, she was struck with an attack of appendicitis.

She was rushed to the hospital.  Doctors applied ice to her stomach and treated her.

Upon completion of the treatments, the doctors advised the woman to abort her child, because it had been determined he would be born with a disability.

The woman said no, that she wanted her child to live even if he was disabled.

Andre Bocelli was born blind to this woman, a disability  that does not prevent him from making the world a more beautiful place with the grace and power of his singing. Take a minute to listen to his story in the video clip above.

If you think about it, each of us disabled in a sense. We each have cracks in our armor that make us less than we could be. Funny how God uses us regardless of our imperfections.

Amazing how the Holy Spirit bestows us each with unique gifts that help us overcome these imperfections if we choose to use these gifts.

I don’t know how many times I’ve stood by the fountains at the Bellagio in Las Vegas and watched them dance to Andre Bocelli as he sings “Time to say goodbye.”

I never tire of it. I never tire of that blind guy the world was ready to discard before he even got started.

Dostoevsky said that “beauty will save the world.” And what is beauty but a reflection of God?

Man is made in God’s image. Perhaps that’s why a baby is so beautiful.

Perhaps that’s why he is so precious even in his mother’s womb.

The world is a better place with Andre Bocelli in it, don’t you think?

So how do we save the world?

Spread beauty.