What is a draconian budget?

By Tom Quiner

Georgetown professors blasted Paul Ryan’s budget in harsh terms for …

 “continuing misuse of Catholic teaching to defend a budget plan that decimates food programs for struggling families, radically weakens protections for the elderly and sick, and gives more tax breaks to the wealthiest few.”

Congressman Ryan made a moral case for his budget, pointing out the entitlement mindset the Left has nurtured:

“We in our generation have more and more come to consider the state as bountiful Uncle Sam. We got it coming to us.”

He maintains this attitude breeds dependence and entitlement to the detriment of our citizenry.

Has Mr. Ryan proposed severe budget cuts?


He is not cutting the budget. Rather, he is slowing it’s growth from an unsustainable 4.5% per year to a manageable 3% per year.

We have to. We’re living beyond our means.

We certainly are not scrimping in our nation’s moral war on poverty. The Cato Institute says that when we include local, state, and national poverty programs, we are spending a stunning $20,610 per poor person in the U.S. every year, or $61,830 per poor family.

Congressman Ryan has certainly not proposed a draconian budget.