It’s high noon in America

By Tom Quiner

The single, most important idea about the United States of America is easy to

It's high noon in America.

Gary Cooper symbolizes the defenders of religious liberty as they take on the oppressors of liberty on the Left.

determine. It’s all about rights.

The Constitution spells it out with the Bill of Rights.

The first right, which means it is the most important, is the freedom of religion.

The Obama administration has declared war on religious freedom in many ways, the most onerous being the HHS Mandate.

Previous allies, Catholics and their bishops, have turned adversarial toward Team Obama in light of their unprecedented assault on our religious liberty.

This is a fight that unites Catholics and Protestants, Jews and Muslims.

This is a fight on which atheists and the faithful can unite.

Lovers of liberty convene at high noon today as a show of solidarity against the forces of religious intolerance unleashed by the secular Left, led by Barack Obama.

Taxes, foreign policy, and unemployment are issues that pale in comparison to religious liberty.

If Obama wins, America loses, because we will no longer be America.

America came to be because of our burning, unquenchable passion for religious liberty.

How many have died in its defense?

It is high noon in America.

[Go to this website to find where lovers of liberty are meeting today at noon: In Des Moines, we meet on the west lawn of the State Capitol. See you there!]