Redefining “mainstream” politics

By Tom Quiner

The year is 1980.

Jimmy Carter is fighting for his political life in a brutal re-election campaign against Ronald Reagan.

Polls show Carter with a slight lead, but the times are volatile. President Carter knows he must do something bold to nail down the election and pre-empt the politically beguiling former actor.

At a dusty campaign stop in a key swing state, the former Georgia governor strides boldly to the microphone and addresses the gathered Democratic supporters:

“My fellow Democrats, it is time to be direct. The times call for dramatic action to fix the malaise that is clearly the root

Carter debates Reagan

The 1980 Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan would have been shocked and sickened by Barack Obama’s policies

cause of our economic difficulties, our high inflation, and our tempestuous relations with Iran.

The times call for bold action. To that aim, I plan a series of initiatives that will put America back on track after the terrible damage inflicted on this country by Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, and Millard Fillmore.

I call for taxpayer-funded abortion. This is a right every woman should have. No woman should have to give birth to a daughter if she doesn’t want her.

As president, I shall mandate that every insurance company in America provide free contraception, abortifacients, and sterilization in their insurance coverage. And I especially insist that Catholic schools, hospitals, and institutions provide them as well to their employees. No religious exemptions will be tolerated.

From here on out, I choose to selectively enforce laws Congress has passed, beginning with immigration and anti-obscenity laws. I just don’t feel right about much of that legislation, so in good conscience, I choose to pick and choose which I ones I uphold. Let’s face it, pornographers have feelings, too.

And, my fellow Democrats, it is time to redefine marriage. I know the Bible describes marriage as being between a man and a woman. But have you ever heard of separation of Church and State?

Forget the Bible. Although as recently as yesterday I agreed with the Old and New Testament on the subject, today I feel differently. It is a matter of civil rights. It is time to embrace, no, my fellow Democrats, it is time to encourage homosexuality and lesbianism as an equally acceptable, alternative lifestyle to traditional marriage.

America can only achieve its true destiny with the expedient implementation of these initiatives. I call on all Americans of good will to oppose the hate-mongers on the Right who stand in the way of the inevitable progression of social justice in America.”


Obviously, I have presented Barack Obama’s message, not Jimmy Carter’s.

Imagine if Jimmy Carter had presented this message back in 1980. He would have been institutionalized.

His Executive Branch overreach would have been considered illegal by both parties.

His morality would have been blasted by both parties.

Now consider Ronald Reagan’s message in 1980. It was pretty straightforward.

The Gipper called for:

√ Lower taxes.

√Less federal spending.

√ Less government regulation.

√ A strong national defense.

√ Free trade.

√ Limits on abortion.

√ First amendment rights.

√ Second amendment rights.

In other words, President Reagan campaigned on the same stuff Mitt Romney is campaigning on today.

In other words, Republicans have been remarkably consistent in their campaign themes at the same time that Democrats have radically veered Left.

Remember this the next time you hear Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, or their allies in the Mainstream Media talk about how far right Republicans have shifted.

Consider the allegation in light of the consistent message Republicans have presented since the days of Ronald Reagan.

Consider the allegation in light of the message presented by Barack Obama that bears no semblance to the one presented by Jimmy Carter, or for that matter, Bill Clinton, the same Bill Clinton who signed the bi-partisan Defense of Marriage Act not all that long ago.

Don’t let liberal pundits fool you. The Democratic Party of today is not your father’s Democratic Party.