“The most dangerous place to be a girl”

By Tom Quiner

The headline above is ripped from CNN’s website.

The story angle: India is a dangerous place to be a female fetus. The birth ratio of girls to boys is skewed because of gendercide, abortions based on the gender of the child in the womb.

CNN’s revealed how widespread gendercide is in India, and that it is actually most prevalent with the affluent.

Boys are more desirable than girls.

Should we be outraged?

While you mull this over, consider that gendercide is an issue in America. Lila Rose and her crew at Live Action Films has released undercover videos which reveal Planned Parenthood’s tacit approval of gendercide with women who want to abort their baby if it is a girl.

Even more, girl to boy birth ratios are skewed among Asian-Americans, with a disproportionate number of boys being born vs. girls.

Gendercide is an issue right here in our backyard.

The House tried to pass a bill to prevent it, but Democrats blocked it.

So, where is the most dangerous place to be a girl in America? A mother’s womb, and House Democrats are okay with it.

I don’t believe for a moment that rank and file Democratic voters are that callous. It’s time for them to rein in the anti-life excesses of their party.