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  1. juwannadoright on June 26, 2012 at 12:07 am

    I replayed this three times and laughed harder each time. Thank you for the chuckle.

    However … there is no doubt that poor dietary choices are at the heart of our healthcare crisis. The exponential increase in American obesity contributes greatly to diabetic and coronary conditions among other conditions.

    In an ideal world, people would make rational choices in terms of the foods they eat and the lifestyles they maintain. But obviously, they don’t. Does government then have the right or responsibility to intercede?

    Or put another way – is it fair that people who are attentive to their own health and are responsible are adversely impacted in terms of the cost of their health insurance and accesibility to healthcare by people who neglect their personal responsibilities?

    We acknowledge that one of the responsibilities of government is to provide access to education. If that curriculum conatined informed classes on the importance of diet, we would go a long way to improving the lives of our children and, in the long run, reduce the strains and consts being heaped on our healthcare system.