The significance of yesterday’s Supreme Court ruling in three words

By Tom Quiner


You can feel the vibe.

You know what’s coming.

You know it’s Friday and time for Jodi Miller, ace reporter for NewsBusted. The lead story is worth the price of admission alone. Jodi covers yesterday’s landmark Supreme Court decision.

Jodi reveals the significance in her own unique way and quickly cuts to the bottom line. Here is a list of today’s stories:

√ What yesterday’s ruling means to you in three words.

√ Obama’s paid hecklers.

√ How liberals view Independence Day.

√ Why the Secret Service removed knives and forks from an Obama speech to Latinos.

√ Will Obama grant amnesty to this group, too?

√ Why Obama is interested in a Dutch colony on Mars.

√ The significance of argumentative kids.

√ How Southwest Airlines handled a passenger with too much cleavage.

Have a great weekend.

Take it away, Jodi!