By Tom Quiner

Stand Up for Freedom Rally / Des Moines, IA

Msgr. Frank Bognanno speaks at the Stand Up for Freedom Rally in Des Moines, IA

Americans view the HHS Mandate so differently.

Some say, “what’s the big deal, pass the chips and hand me the remote.”

Others say, “it’s all about women’s ‘reproductive health.’ ”

Still others say, “this is a blatant assault on my religious liberty. I will go to jail before I comply with such wickedness.”

Group three will not go away. They cannot be appeased. Ever.

Group three is growing.

Nearly fifty thousand of group three gathered in 109 cities across the country on Friday to stand up for freedom.

How could a president like Barack Obama be so “tone deaf” on this issue, as some pundits muse?

We are left with three choices:

1. He is stupid.

2. He doesn’t care.

3. He is engaged in a war on religion.

Most discount #1. I’m not so sure, based on his economic track record, but let’s give him a pass. He seems like a bright enough guy.

I think he very much cares, but it is about advancing his ideology, his religion, which is Secular Humanism, Catholics and other Christians be damned.

All of this explains #3, Obama’s war on the faithful. His war could very much cost him the election in light of the rapidly swelling ranks of us sentimental religious zealots, you know, the type our Founders died for.

Mr. Obama is intent upon establishing his religion as the one we must bow to.

The Supreme Court may give the faithful a reprieve, but if they do, it is just temporary.

As this blog has quoted before, Cardinal George in Chicago has made a chilling prophesy:

“I expect to die in bed. My successor will die in prison, and his successor will die a martyr in the public square.”

We’re at a tipping point.

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