What city is the “manliest” city in America?

By Tom Quiner


Drumroll, please …

It’s Friday. It is time for NewsBusted’s Jodi Miller, the conservative’s favorite investigative reporter.

Jodi has busted wide-open these breaking news stories:

√ It is now politically incorrect to call President Obama “cool.”  Cool!

√  Who does Israel like better, Obama or Romney?

√ How MSNBC can boost ratings.

√ Who is “Obama Boy?”

√ What does the TV show “Dallas” have in common with the Obama administration?

√ Will Obama legalize pot?  Why?

√ NEWS FLASH:  400,000 tooth picks stolen!

√ QUESTION:  What city is the “manliest” city in America?  The answer is …

… well, watch to the end for the shocking answer.

Quiner’s Diner wishes you a great weekend. Thanks for reading. Come back soon!