Conservatives need to speak out more

By Tom Quiner

Conservatives have abandoned mainstream newspapers in droves. They don’t like their liberal slant.

Here’s what happens. The letters to the editor paper receive are stacked for liberal causes ten to one. Casual readers are left with the impression that their community is overwhelming in favor of whatever the liberal cause of the day is.

I have had four of my Quiner’s Diner posts published in the Des Moines Register in the past two months. The letters in response have hammered me, which is pretty par for the course. So today’s response to my piece on the “nuns on the bus” tour from Steve Huber was a breath of fresh air. I share it with you in the hope that conservatives make their voices heard in the MSM to help balance out liberal viewpoints:

“I am very pleased to see the writings of Tom Quiner once again appear in print (“Ryan’s Federal Budget Plan Is Bold and Compassionate,” June 26). Not only does he have a writing style I want to follow to the end of each piece, every paragraph makes a point.

Tom brings a tangible balance to the Register that, based on conversation around the water cooler this morning, many folks enjoy. Can anything be done to make sure we get to read him on a more permanent basis? I’d love to see him dueling with Donald Kaul on a variety of topics. Sadly, Kaul would be unarmed.”