Prolific hot dog eatin’ champ runs afoul of Mayor Bloomburg

By Tom Quiner


What’s the secret to starting your weekend on the right foot? With a good laugh, of course.

Who better than Jodi Miller, ace reporter for NewsBusted. Jodi pokes a little gentle fun at some of our favorite liberal friends.

Hold on to your seat. Get ready for these breaking stories:

√ New job for Justice Roberts?

√ Is Obamacare here to stay?

√ Hmmm … who is really the most like Richard Nixon?

√ He said what!? Obama says new jobs numbers a step in the right direction?

√ Liberals claim they found the “God particle” 4 years ago!

√ Hot dog-eating champ runs afoul of Mayor Bloomburg!

√ Katie Holmes dating John Travolta?

√ Anderson Cooper is gay. Next!

Have a great weekend!