By Tom Quiner


Okay, it’s Friday night. I’m a little later than usual for Jodi Miller, but it’s still time to kick back and enjoy her latest conservative hijinks at the expense of our liberal friends.

Here’s NewBusted’s Jodi Millers “scoops” for this week:

√ Obamacare here to stay?

√ Does a clerical error explain the MSM’s missing coverage of Obama’s past?

√ Hourly workers vs. e-bay junkies.

√ What does Darth Vader have in common with the president?

√ The skinny on “green funerals.”

√ Rahm Emmanuel’s political calculation in Chicago.

√ Man regrets missing out on “cash for clunkers.”

√ The IRS’ coming $35 million deal with Drew Brees.

Take it away Jodi!

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