By Tom Quiner

Have you ever heard of a liberal program expiring?

Social Security? No.

Medicare? No.

Medicaid? No.

Tax increases? No.

Liberal programs expand … and expand … and well, they eventually bust the bank.




Then there’s the “Bush Tax Cuts.”

Why in the world do they expire and require contentious extensions?

I propose we turn it around. When we pass a tax increase, make it expire in five years. Make Democrats make the case why we need to extract more money from producers and redistribute it.

Maybe there’s a good reason. Let’s have a healthy debate on why government needs to take more money from its citizens.

Sunset laws help to prevent government from expanding exponentially forever.

We’ve tried that. It doesn’t work.


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  1. sribop101 on July 11, 2012 at 12:43 pm

    I hadn’t even noticed that before. No wonder American society has been moving further and further to the left.

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