Catholic voters shift allegiance to Republicans

By Tom Quiner

Quiner’s Diner has written that the Catholic vote could decide this election.

A new Pew survey reveals a remarkable shift in Catholic voting preference since 2008. Then, Democrats enjoyed an 8 point advantage with Catholic voters. Since then, they’ve lost 17 points, giving Republicans a nine point cushion with Catholic voters.

What a stunning shift.

Catholics listened respectfully when the president came to Notre Dame and said abortion should be rare but safe and legal. They felt conned when his conciliatory rhetoric turned out to be a sham. They watched abortion weave its way into Obamacare. They were stunned when he imposed contraception, abortafacients, and sterilization on Catholic organizations in violation of their religious conscience.

Had the president campaigned on what he really intended to do, they would never have voted for him. Now we know. He can’t be trusted. He is taking away our freedom of religion.

The Pew poll reveals the impact of his deceit on orthodox Catholics. Obama arrogance could cost him his reelection bid.