What do you hate?

By Tom Quiner

The Right is defined by what we love.

The Left hates Sarah Palin

Broadly, we love God.

We embrace distinctly American virtues which include independence and limited government.

We love free markets.

We love life, beginning at conception.

We love opportunity.

We love free speech and religious liberty.

The Left seems to be more defined by what they hate and who they hate.

An obvious example: Sarah Palin.

Why on earth did they pour such vast resources into digging up dirt on her? Keep in mind, these are the same folks who have displayed remarkable indifference to the inexplicable gaps in Barack Obama’s past.

Even after she lost the election, they continue to hate her.

Why did they work so hard to destroy her? Because she rejected “women’s issues” as defined by the Left, beginning with abortion. Ms. Palin did something unforgivable: she gave birth to a Downs baby when she knew she carried one in her womb.

Nine out of ten women abort in the same situation.

Out of a compassion that flowed from her profound Christian faith, Sarah Palin kept her baby. And for that, the Left hates her.

They hate Dan Cathy, too, and his company Chick-fil-A. His sin was to publicly express his Christian faith and his belief in the Christian definition of a marriage.

The Left boldly proclaimed their intention to economically destroy him by preventing him from doing business in their cities.

Some on the Left hate Lolo Jones for touting the merits of chastity. The New York Times tried to destroy her for uttering such conservative views.

The Left hates the Boy Scouts for their embrace of traditional marriage.

They hate religious liberty and are hard at work to expunge this First Amendment right from the American people.

The Left hated former President George W. Bush with a vitriol that was scary. Interestingly, they did not hate Saddam Hussein who not only was one of the most prolific mass murderers of recent times, having killed upwards of a quarter of a million of his own people, he started two wars against his neighbors.

But it was Bush whom the Left reviled for going to war against Hussein.

You remember the mantra: Bush lied and people died.

Not a peep about Hussein’s lies.

Not a peep about Hussein’s victims.

Not a peep about the threat Hussein posed to a vast, strategic swath of the world.

Rather, we had to endure years of undisguised hatred from the Left for our president.

Well, what about Obama? The Right hates him, right?

Not at all. I represent a typical conservative. I respect Barack Obama as a husband and a father. I adamantly disagree with his policies. I am  so very disappointed by his lack of integrity after promising us a “new kind of politics.” But hate him? No way. In fact, I pray for the man. He has a tough job. I pray for the Lord to shake some sense into him!

People of faith hate the sin, not the sinner.

You know, as I think about, the Left hates what the Right loves.

They hate the preborn as demonstrated by the intensity of their political rhetoric in defending abortion “rights” during all nine months of the mom’s pregnancy.

They hate limited government. Their complaint against Barack Obama? That he hasn’t spent more money.

They hate free markets. They revile and attack the faithful. They dismiss equality of opportunity as a pipe dream and instead demand equality of outcome. In other words, they hate capitalism and love socialism.

They hate the traditional definition of “pursuit of happiness” which our Founders defined as private ownership of property. Rather, they embrace a more modern interpretation which has everything to do with lifestyle, from same sex marriage to promiscuity.

In other words, they hate everything that made America great.

I guess they just hate America.