An astute observation on the difference between 2 conventions

By Tom Quiner

As I scanned Facebook this morning, I ran across this comment from someone I know named Steve:

“Ok, understanding that I did not watch any of the DNC convention, yet heard about it on the news, am I wrong in this takeaway: the Democrats made it a point to highlight how different we all are by letting so many representatives of special interests speak? The Republicans made it a point to highlight how similar we all are by demonstrating that no matter a person’s socio-economic background, we could all succeed. Correct or incorrect?”


The Republicans represent a value once embraced by the Democrats: e pluribus unum.

It is not the color of your skin that matters, it is your character, your merits, your drive, your decency, your integrity.

Believe me, the Republican Party is deeply flawed. I have been gravely disturbed by everything from inconsistency, political cowardice, and profligacy in public finances with this party.

I guarantee you that I will be upset with them tomorrow for something else.

That’s the nature of politics and political parties.

But when I contrast them with Democrats’ relentless push to divide Americans, to pit one group against the other, the Republicans pretty good. When I contrast them with Democrats who deride the successful and the productive as being bad guys, I fear for our country. The Republicans are the best hope we have for restoring America.

Steve’s comments above resonate with me and a whole bunch of Americans.