Democrats push for the fake Indian vote!

By Tom Quiner


Hang on!

The Democratic National Convention is over. NewsBusted’s Jodi Miller has the behind-the-scenes stories the MSM won’t go near. Check them out:

√ The Chris Matthews  “thrill-up-my-leg-a-thon” is over!

√ Both conventions end with an “invisible president” routine.

√ Democrats push for the “fake Indian” vote!

√ Multiple “Nutters” speak!

√ Why John Edwards missed the convention.

√ Obama’s fake Twitter followers are really saved or created!

√ Why Los Angeles didn’t make the U.S. list for cities with the worst drivers.

It’s Friday. Sit back, enjoy a laugh at the expense of our liberal friends delivered with aplomb by Jodi Miller! Take it away, Jodi …