Median household incomes plummet. Obama’s popularity soars.

By Tom Quiner


Maybe it’s white guilt. Maybe folks just feel sorry for him.


Barack Obama continues to hold his own in the polls even as incomes plummet and stagnation becomes the “new normal” under his administration. Who can put it into perspective for us in ways that even liberals can understand? Why NewsBusted’s Jodi Miller, of course.

She plumbs the psyche of the liberal mind with searing wit. Check out this week’s scoops:

√ Median household incomes plummet while Obama’s popularity soars.

√ Did Romney cause spike in those receiving social security disability?

√ Does David Axelrod intimidate the Gallup Poll?

√ Obama shows up for the Letterman Show more often than intelligence briefings.

√ How Letterman enticed Obama to be on his show.

√ Was Lindsey Lohan’s mom drunk on Dr. Phil’s show?

√ Oprah’s cable show turns the corner.

√ How authorities became suspicious of cocaine-selling mailman.

This is Friday. Enjoy a few laughs with the devilish humor of Jodi Miller.