Obama shrugged

By Tom Quiner

The Muslim world is at war with America.

Our embassies, which are the equivalent of U.S. soil, are under siege throughout the Mid East.

Our ambassador has been murdered. Americans are being targeted.

We have learned that the White House had at least 48 hours advance notice this was coming.

Obama shrugged. He had campaigning to do.

Diplomats were at risk. Shouldn’t the White House had warned them to beef up security at our embassies, or even get out?

Obama shrugged.

Once the attacks hit, Obama spent an hour on it before heading off to Vegas for more fundraising and campaigning. Essentially, Obama shrugged.

Mitt Romney did not shrug. He responded a full 8 hours before our disinterested president. He condemned the murderers. The president and his team, on the other hand, condemned the American film maker whose film supposedly was the spark to incite international Muslim carnage against the land of the free.

For Team Obama and Clinton, the central issue is “irresponsible free speech,” not irresponsible Muslims.

The Obama Justice Department swiftly tracked down the maker of the anti-Muslim film and threaten him with legal sanctions. Why they couldn’t do the same by determining who authorized “Fast and Furious” is a mystery we may never know.

Thanks to Mitt Romney for standing up for America during this crisis at the same time the president moves on to the next campaign stop.

While Americans die, Obama shrugs.

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  1. Bob on September 17, 2012 at 7:40 pm

    It’s obvious where Øbama’s priorities are.